SCCDA is launched to accompany new immigrants in Philadelphia find their ways out.

After the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010, Solidarity and Harmony Church, in a joint effort with Mennonite Central Committee MCC, organized a 3 day-workshop on Resiliency for leaders of the Haitian community in Philadelphia. Three pastors travelled from Port-Au-Prince to attend that workshop that was well received by the leaders. The feedback was very helpful to the Haitian community here in Philadelphia as well as in Haiti because of the reproduction of the new skills and knowledge.
Because I was coordinating a program for Lutheran Children and Family Service (LCFS), and later with Partners In Health (PIH) by serving over 70 displaced families victims of the earthquake, I was a witness of what human Solidarity can do.
  After the closing of those of programs, families continually come to me for all kinds of service whether it is immigration, translation, hospital, and/or assistance with government social services. Somehow, I noticed that I was like a reference ever since for many.

What we do?

After the hurricane Matthew,  we were in Haiti serving families in the Southwestern peninsula where everything was destroyed. We had provided food, water, toiletry items and water purification pills. Then, we empowered the fishermen  in the picture above to get back to work by providing fishing equipments such as boat, fish traps, nets....etc  to provide for their families with dignity.



We are people from different denominations, backgrounds, cultures,   and ideologies who are  convinced that we are created to live a life that is conformed to the image of our Creator. We strive to love, respect,  support and  accept others no matter where they are from. We value  female or male, rich or poor, believer or not. We don't favor based upon skin  color,  or social class , or gender.  

Why we focus on TPS  today?

Certain TPS recipients were invited by  the US government to accompany us American children in Haiti when the earthquake happened in 2010. Others with critical health conditions were also invited to come for treatments. Children who came with their parents for treatment are more likely to speak English only, even if they understand their mother tongues.

Today, they don't remember much back home.  They go to school in the system, learn to  put hands on chest for the Star-Spangled Banner, and don't have a clue, if they are not Americans. 

Those children and their family can be deported at anytime. Families in that situation have a very difficult choice to make. 

How would the school system back home that is not adapted for people who speak English only integrate them, if they go back?

How would they learn in an environment that is completely strange for them, since  they were way advanced in another school system? Is that Justice? Would they be at peace? 

SCCDA wants to serve the TPS recipients in that capacity:

1)  Help with re-registration paperwork 

2) Sponsor the most vulnerable families

3) Advocate  on their behalf

4) Eyes opening programs on Immigration matters

5) Equip them to face tomorrow morally, and emotionally  by connecting the affected ones to professionals. 


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Packing relief kits

Trough services and programs, they will be    be fully equipped in their Minds, Spirit,  and Body to change their own lives, and impact the environment.


We display our values in our PHD :  we  are Patients,   we are Hopeful  and  Determined


​​Provide holistic services to People in despair by equipping them to take their own responsibilities.