Some young protesters were furious and had machetes and picks ready to riot.
They had received no assistance.

Sharing the profits,
and saving some for future investments

After distributing the kits: Relief! Someone cares!

Youth blocking the road as a protest for not receiving emergency food or supplies from the District OfficialsType your paragraph here.

Fishermen making fish traps to use, now that the Association has a boat

THE HARVEST HAS BEGUN! With the boat and fish traps, the Fishermen’s Association has generated income to support their families and build up some capital for the Association. 

Solidarity Christian Community Development Association (SCCDA)

2. Poverty (cont)•Haiti was further impoverished by elites who benefited from foreign power brokers, at the expense of the population. 
•US marines occupied Haiti in 1915 for 19 years, controlling the economy and security. An estimated 15,000 Haitians died at the hands of the occupying force.

3. 2010 Earthquake

4. October 2016 Hurricane MatthewType your paragraph here.

Water purification tablets and oral rehydration salts to treat diarrhea

Hurricane Matthew directly hit and devastated the unprotected tip of the Haitian peninsulaType your paragraph here.

Why did members leave Haiti to come to the US?

1. Political oppression

2. Poverty (it goes back centuries)

In 1804, after a 13-year armed revolt, Haiti gained independence from France, the first slave colony to do so, but…-France demanded 90 million gold francs, 6 x Haiti’s annual revenues, to refrain from attacking and re-colonizing Haiti
-The US boycotted Haiti economically, fearing a slave revolt in the US.
-Haiti finally paid France off in the mid 1900’s, about $17 billion in today’s dollars.
Type your paragraph here.